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health sciences awards night

Health Sciences Alumni Awards

Honouring exceptional achievements in health sciences
The annual Health Sciences Alumni Awards honours the exceptional achievements of our graduates, from those who are established in their careers to those who are just getting started.

Alumni Award categories

Alumni Award for Service to Humanity

This award recognises the personal contributions of alumni who, through service or philanthropy, improve the lives of those in need. This award also seeks to recognise the significant involvement of our alumni in projects that enrich local or international communities through activities such as volunteering, philanthropy and service to the community.

Alumni Award for Professional Achievement

This award recognises outstanding achievements of alumni in their professional fields. This could include alumni who achieve in industry, professional and research sectors. This category is very broad in recognising achievements from an individual’s profession.

Outstanding Achievements of Young Alumni Award

This award recognises outstanding achievements made by alumni aged 35 and younger (at the close of nominations). With a broad scope, the award celebrates what younger alumni have achieved in their shorter career span.

Recognition Award for Clinical Education

This award recognises the important contribution that external clinical supervisors make in supporting a student's clinical and professional fieldwork.

Nomination information

Alumni of the Faculty of Health Sciences are eligible to apply.

The awards should be judged based on the nominee’s commitment to excellence in their chosen field, integrity, creativity, determination, leadership, resilience, compassion and achievement ‘relative to opportunity’.

The award will be made by the Dean on recommendation of the review committee.

Nominations must be submitted online by completing the application form. Nominations closed on midnight 1 March 2019. Applications must include a professional letter of support from a third party (eg a manager, colleague, client etc).

Additional supporting materials may be included as attachments or hyperlinks to the online application form.

  • Only alumni (graduates of the University of Sydney) or University of Sydney students who have met their degree requirements may be nominated.
  • Nominations must be made by another person (you cannot self-nominate).
  • It is the responsibility of the nominator to select the category for their nomination. An individual may only be nominated for one category.
  • Only nominators will be informed of the outcome.
  • All nominations must be submitted online.
  • The online nominations forms are single-use and cannot be saved.
  • The online nomination forms will time out after 60 minutes of inactivity. We recommend you view the nomination form before beginning your nomination to ensure you collect all supporting materials (including resume and reference/recommendation letters) before completing the form. We suggest you type your responses in a Word document before starting.
  • Ensure you review all the information before submitting the form. Please note that if you leave out any mandatory fields or refresh the form, all of your attachments will be removed by default and will need to be re-attached.
  • The size of your attachments will affect the speed of the upload and form submission. We recommend you keep attachments to less than 2MB each.
  • Be clear and concise in your responses in the nominee information statement section, as there is a word limit for each response.
  • You will receive an automatic response email once you submit the form with a copy of your nomination. Please keep this for your records.

2018 Health Sciences award winners

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