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6 reasons to study nursing at the University of Sydney

13 July 2017
Join the world's most trusted profession
Study nursing at Sydney Nursing School and become an integral part of Australia's healthcare system. If you're considering a career in nursing, here are six reasons to study with us.

Nurses are an integral part of modern healthcare; there are fewer professions more necessary or more respected.  At Sydney Nursing School, we prepare our graduates for the changing needs of healthcare and the increasing demand* for nurses in Australia.

Considering a career in nursing?  Here are six reasons why you should study with us:

1. Become part of an in-demand profession

It is expected that Australia will have a significant shortfall of nurses in the next 10 years, meaning that nursing graduates will be in high demand.* The increasing need for registered nurses and nurse specialists is due to the higher dependence on the healthcare system in general, driven by an ageing population, the rising cost of treatment, as well as rising consumer expectations.

2. Improve and save lives

Nursing is all about helping others. A patients’ quality of life or chance of survival often grows directly due to the efforts of nurses helping with their treatment.

Ask yourself, are you interested in:

  • genuinely improving someone's well-being
  • making someone who is sick feel comfortable
  • working with people and their families during their treatment
  • helping to bring new life into the world?

If you answered yes to any of these, then a career in nursing could be right for you.

15 questions with nursing student Mackenzie O'Toole

3. Learn a wide range of skills

If you think nursing is all about checking blood pressure and sticking needles in arms, then think again. With training spanning science and health science, technology and theory, nursing takes a lot of expertise.

At Sydney Nursing School we educate nurses who:

  • are work-ready critical thinkers
  • have a deep understanding of healthcare provision
  • gain leadership skills to shape the future of healthcare and shape patient outcomes
  • have awareness of local and global health systems.

You will learn from nurses and academics who are leaders in the nursing field. We are consistently ranked as one of the top nursing schools in the country and the world. Our graduates are highly employable, which is why we are ranked #1 in Australia and #4 in the world for graduate employability.

4. Be part of a challenging and fast-paced environment

If you like repetitiveness and taking it easy, then nursing is not for you. In healthcare settings, situations can change fast. Your day may start by doing routine checks on patients but can quickly be interrupted by a medical emergency that needs immediate attention. Handling a fast-paced and slightly unpredictable work environment can sometimes be a challenge, but many nurses say they thrive on this dynamic pace. If you like variety and a job that keeps you on your toes, then nursing could be perfect for you.

ryan catahan
"Our patients come from different multicultural backgrounds and they present with different types of illnesses - not a single day is ever the same. I get satisfaction from getting through the day knowing that I’ve contributed in improving someone's health."
Ryan Catalan, Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced) alumni

5. Multiple study options

Whether you've just graduated from high school, or are already in the workforce and looking for a career change, Sydney Nursing School offers many pathways to becoming a nurse.

If you’ve just graduated high school and want to hit the ground running, the Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) may be for you. Learn from our experts in a combination of simulation clinics with more than 800 hours of clinical placements as well as lectures and tutorials. 

Our combined nursing program allows you to explore your other interests before pursuing a master’s degree in nursing. You can combine a Master of Nursing with a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science (Health) to enhance and diversify your nursing skills and career choices.

If you already have an undergraduate degree and are looking for a change, become a nurse with the Master of Nursing (Graduate Entry). Our graduate-entry master’s program offers you a complete nursing education, integrating practical clinical experience while developing your theoretical understanding of health and illness.  

6. There are opportunities to progress

Think that there is only one kind of nursing career available to you? Think again. A career in nursing can be as varied as any other profession. There are a range of academic and professional opportunities to progress your nursing career.

Once you become a registered nurse, you can specialise in a range of areas such as:

  • emergency nursing
  • paediatrics or theatre nursing
  • cancer and haematology nursing
  • intensive care
  • mental health nursing.

There is also the option of working in international aid, health policy, as clinical nurse consultants and specialists. You can also move into research or academics, government or even management positions in the health sector to expand your career.

We offer a range of postgraduate programs to registered nurses who wish to become nurse specialists. Our postgraduate specialty programs are offered at master’s, graduate diploma and graduate certificate levels and offer you the opportunity to not only progress your career, but also make a tangible difference in the lives of Australians.

nursing student
“The fantastic thing about nursing is that there are so many paths and specialties. I am hoping to go into either theatre, paediatrics, the intensive care unit or the emergency department and continue my professional development in one of those areas. Perhaps after 5 years working in one of those areas, I will work towards becoming a Nurse Practitioner.”
Wendy Huynh, Master of Nursing (Graduate Entry) student.

*Health Workforce Australia 2014: Australia’s Future Health Workforce – Nurses Detailed.

Find out if a Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) or Master of Nursing (Graduate Entry) course could be right for you.

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