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22 October 2019

Medical school history: The 1919 influenza pandemic

The ‘Spanish flu’ pandemic emerged at the end of WWI and by 1919 it had hit Australia. The University of Sydney and the Royal North Shore Hospital played a role in responding to the outbreak, helping to save many lives.
17 October 2019

Raising awareness of developmental language disorders

It's a hidden but very common disability, affecting approximately two children in every school classroom. This Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day, our speech experts are raising awareness and sharing useful resources for families.
14 October 2019

Organs 'too risky' to donate may be safer than we think

Detailed infectious virus testing shows potential for increasing organ donation in Australia, by including people previously ineligible due to increased risk of blood-borne viruses, writes Dr Karen Waller and Prof Angela Webster.
14 October 2019

Exposing suspected research fraud with new software

Professor Jennifer Byrne was chosen to deliver the 10th annual Diana Temple AM Memorial Lecture at the University of Sydney
10 October 2019

New approaches to the treatment of severe malaria

University of Sydney medical science researchers are investigating novel treatment methods to increase survival rates of severe malaria, combining specific immune-modifying therapies and anti-malarial drugs.

08 October 2019

4 digital health projects shaping the future of mental health care

From digital platforms designed to increase engagement with mental health services to tailored online training programs for clinicians, our researchers are helping to move the mental health sector into the digital age and bridging the gaps of traditional services.
04 October 2019

How can evidence-based ehealth interventions be best translated to end users?

Dr Milena Heinsch’s work explores relationships, systems, values and processes required to enact sustainable social change through research and guide the implementation of evidence-based ehealth interventions into health and community settings.
04 October 2019

Can we stop violence before it starts?

Siobhan Lawler, a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney’s Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use studies the link between drugs, violence and whether research can change the trajectories of vulnerable young people.
04 October 2019

2019 Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs Conference

School-based prevention takes centre stage at the 2019 Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs Conference.
03 October 2019

Pathogen genomics research transforms disease control

Research linking public health and genomics has led to game-changing approaches to the control and prevention of communicable disease outbreaks.