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Doctor Samriti Sood in theatre

Postgraduate courses in medicine

Clinical education: driven by clinicians, tailored to your needs
Our flexible online postgraduate courses for doctors and health professionals have been developed with leading clinicians, to give you vital and career-enhancing skills and knowledge in your chosen field.

We provide a wide range of cutting-edge postgraduate coursework to enable doctors and health professionals to tailor a study pathway to gain the latest skills and knowledge in their chosen field.

Our world-leading courses have been developed in response to needs identified by senior clinicians and are delivered by experts in their fields, affiliated with some of Australia’s top teaching hospitals.

We deliver our courses through a high-quality online learning system that offers the flexibility needed by doctors and health professionals with busy lives.

Where your postgraduate degree will take you is entirely up to you: you can prepare for college exams, gain specialist skills in your chosen field or broaden your knowledge in your existing area.

Our programs are vocationally-oriented and provide education and training of great depth and breadth, not only in discipline-specific areas but also in research methods, evidence-based medicine, communication and teaching methods.

Explore the options below, and open the door to a wide range of medical careers.

Discover postgraduate education in medicine at Sydney Medical School

Flexible study options

Pursue your interests and enhance your career by choosing from individual units of study, two-unit programs or a complete postgraduate degree.

Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, you’ll find our individual units of study extremely useful. Our wide range of subjects can also be credited towards a future degree should you wish to pursue a further qualification.  

Some options include:

Cardiology Genomics in Clinical Practice
Diabetes Management Point of Care Ultrasound
Essential Dermatology Psychiatry in Clinical Practice
Essential Imaging for Clinicians    

To view our full range of units visit our short courses page

Combining two units of study in a range of specialist areas, our rigorous, customised programs will enable new and existing practitioners to gain expertise on the latest research, technology and medical practice.

Students who pass these units will be issued a certificate of completion and can credit these units toward a full degree. 

Two-unit program Units of study 
Diabetes Management

MBHT5001 Diabetes Management and

MBHT5002 Advanced Diabetes

Available to medical practitioners only.

Metabolic Health

MBHT 5001 Diabetes Management and

MBHT5003  Obesity and Pre-Diabetes: Prevention and Care

Available to medical practitioners and allied health professionals.

Metabolic Management

MBHT5001 Diabetes Management and

MBHT5004 Cardiovascular Metabolic Management 

Available to medical practitioners only.

Retrieval Medicine

CRIT5006 Retrieval Medicine Operational Environment and

CRIT5007 Clinical Retrieval Medicine

Available to medical practitioners and paramedics with special permission.

Ventilation and Extracorporeal Life Support

(Intensive Care Medicine)

CRIT5012 Mechanical Ventilation and

CRIT5015 Extracorporeal Life Support

Available to medical practitioners only.

Diagnostic Electroencephalography (EEG)

CLNP5002 Diagnostic Electroencephalography and

CLNP5004 Advanced Electroencephalography

For neurologists and neurology trainees only.

Neurological Electrodiagnosis

CLNP5002 Diagnostic Electroencephalography and

CLNP5003 Clinical Neurophysiology Techniques

For neurologists and neurology trainees only.

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring

CLNP5006 Intraoperative Monitoring 1 and

CLNP5007 Intraoperative Monitoring 2

For anaesthetists and anaesthetics trainees.

Breast Oncoplastic Surgery

SURG5039 Oncoplastic breast surgery level 1 and

SURG5040 Oncoplastic breast surgery level 2

Available to practising breast surgeons with full membership to BreastSurgANZ and Fellowship trainees. 

To register your interst in any of the above courses, please contact Annette Katelaris, Director Professional Medical Education on:

Our well-respected courses cover a wide range of sub-specialties and you will learn from leading clinicians and researchers from Australia and around the world.

Study options are flexible and you can choose from a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or a Master’s degree in most areas.

You can also choose the study load that suits your needs and can suspend, increase or decrease your load at any time throughout your degree. 

The master’s degree can be completed over a period of up to six years, with most students completing it on a part-time basis over three to four years.

Choose from a range of sub-speciality areas: 

* Requires a medical degree.

How will our specialist postgraduate qualifications benefit your career?

Our courses will help you to:

  • gain the most up-to-date expertise in your chosen field
  • learn practical skills that you can apply in patient care
  • broaden your non-technical skills in important areas including critical thinking, clinical communication, research and teaching
  • establish a network of contacts with senior clinicians and peers
  • become a practitioner of evidence-based medicine
  • prepare for college exams.

Many of our courses and units of study are endorsed by the relevant professional bodies to assist candidates to meet their professional training requirements and some can be credited towards medical college training requirements. Several units of study are aimed at preparing candidates for medical college examinations.

The course you have chosen and your citizenship and residency status influence your tuition fees, student contribution and the loan schemes available to you. You do not have to pay for your entire course upfront, students are charged per unit of study and invoiced each semester. 

Once you have submitted your enrolment selections you will receive a statement of your fees. These charges include:

  • Tuition fees for the semester
  • Student Services and Amenities (SSA) fee 
    Most University of Sydney coursework students are liable for this fee which was introduced by the Australian Government to fund university services and support programs. The SSA fee will be charged on 12 May for Semester 1, and 12 October for Semester 2 and will appear on your Student Financial Statement after these dates.

Find out more about funding your postgraduate education including government loan schemes to cover fees, tax benefits as well as obtaining credit for prior learning.


Graduate stories

Dr Samriti Sood – Breast Oncoplastic and General Surgeon

“As a medical student, and still today, every time I have the opportunity to be in an operating theatre I feel like a bird soaring in the sky. It is an absolute privilege to be a surgeon.”

Staff stories

Dr Adam Hastings – Consultant Anaesthetist and Clinical Neurophysiologist

"I am with the patient from the moment we start the process until the moment they’re in recovery. It’s a job that’s intellectually and spiritually rewarding, as well as physically demanding."