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Oral surgery today

Learn about the new challenges in oral surgery
This two day course will focus on oral facial pain as well as neurological and modern nonsurgical management of this pain.

Course overview

Oral surgery, in all its aspects, involves a degree of pain and successful dental practice is built on its management. Peri-surgical pain management is a crucial aspect of any surgical procedure and its management minimises complaints and builds practices.

Some practitioners are skilled at pain management and their success in practice is a reflection of their careful approach to the very issue that vexes most patients, pain and the fear it generates.

Complex co-morbidities are now a daily surgical inclusion regardless of patient selection. The baby boomer generation in particular are increasing the demand for oral surgical produces in all practices. They carry with them different medications and medical treatments that can complicate surgery. Stress from the management of these patients is eliminated if the pre-surgical preparation is complete and thorough. A practical and sensible approach based on the understanding of the possible difficulties that could occur is a mainstay of this course.

Litigation and its avoidance is an aspect of this course that will be emphasised. Surgery can go wrong. Proper planning prior to surgery engaging the surgical sieve and understanding the context of this situation is paramount minimising the problem.

Learning objectives

  • Assess the surgical case
  • Identify and manage appropriate ‘minor oral surgery’ patient (ASA 1-3), including the medically compromised patient
  • Develop appropriate protocols for minor oral surgery
  • Investigate and manage patients with orofacial pain


  • Do we underestimate the background of the patient?
  • Opioid use, both prescribed and un-prescribed, is an everyday problem
  • Does phenotype alter your pre-surgical assessment?
  • Where is the difficulty?
  • The during surgery and the post surgery problems
  • What have I got myself into? It happens
  • ASA 1-3 assessment of patients with co-morbidities. Should I go there?
  • Wrong timing of surgery
  • Equipment minimums
  • Is the informed consent adequate?
  • The patient who will not go away after your 'successful' surgery
  • Oversees self assessment of scans and radiographs is now deemed not sufficient in defence of prior surgical assessment. Is it reasonable to assume we are liable in this respect in Australia?
  • Is a Coronectomy litigation free?
  • Is Articaine as successful as we imagine?
  • Removal of third molars and completed orthodontics
  • Implant alternatives; query old fashioned methods to avoid a litigation minefield?
Key information

Course date:

Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March 2019


8:30am-5:30pm (Registration from 8:00am). Includes all catering


The Parkroyal Parramatta, 30 Phillip Street, Parramatta NSW 2150

Course structure: 


CPD hours:


Course fees:

$1170 (incl. GST)    

Earlybird for dentists (pay by 15 February 2019) and University of Sydney alumni 

$1400 (incl. GST)  

Standard for dentists

$1120 (inc. GST)

University of Sydney/NSW Health staff


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