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Introductory immunohistochemistry

Learn the fundamentals of immunochemistry
Learn the basics and methods of immunochemistry and expand your understanding of the molecular mechanisms that underlie the function of the immune system.

Course overview

Our histopathology laboratory strives to produce high-quality work for both teaching and research purposes within the Discipline of Pathology. It is also available for contract work from other university departments and the general scientific community. We perform special histochemical stains, immunohistochemistry, and provide training courses.

This course introduces participants to immunohistochemistry from the basics. It is suitable for beginners and those who would like to refresh their knowledge and practical skills. We recommend that participants have some prior knowledge of histochemistry or have completed the Introductory Histotechniques course.

The course is completed over two days and consists of a one-hour lecture in the mornings followed by hands-on practical sessions in the laboratory on both days. Because class size is limited to eight people, there is ample opportunity to tailor certain parts to individual needs.

What you will learn

Theoretical concepts:

  • Fixation for immunohistochemistry
  • Direct or indirect immunostaining
  • Reporter molecules
  • Endogenous enzyme activity
  • Blocking techniques
  • Double labelling
  • Antigen retrieval
  • Choice of controls
  • Troubleshooting

Practical skills:

  • Demonstrate smooth muscle actin using the ABC technique
  • Restore cytokeratin immunoreactivity using heat induced antigen retrieval
  • Immunofluorescently demonstrate smooth muscle actin using the indirect technique.
Key information
Date Registration has now closed for 2018. 2019 dates will be made available soon.
Time Details TBC
Location Details TBC
Course fees
  • Members of the Sydney Medical School: $350
  • Other members of the University of Sydney and Affiliates: $450
  • External participants: $1000
Inclusions Fees cover all consumables, detailed course notes, and lunch or light refreshments.
Registration Download the registration form (doc, 15.1kb) and email to:
Terms and conditions (pdf, 97.7kb)