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Student profile: Dentistry

Meet Nikhil Gangaram
We caught up with Doctor of Dental Medicine student, Nikhil Gangaram, to find out why he chose dentistry and what it's like studying at the University of Sydney.
Dentistry student Nikhil Gangaram

Nikhil Gangaram, Doctor of Dental Medicine

Why did you choose to study dentistry? 

I was working in finance and decided to make a sea change. What attracted me to dentistry was the rewards of the profession and the ability to add value and improve someones quality of life.

What does a typical day at uni look like for you?

In second year we have a nice mix of both clinical and on campus study. A typical day usually involves an early morning lecture followed by either clinical rosters at the Sydney Dental Hospital or Westmead Hospital, or med practicals and seminars on the Camperdown campus.  

What has surprised you most about your degree?

The workload for sure! Also how quickly we are introduced to clinical work. We start interacting with patients in second year.  

What do you like most about studying at Usyd?

The reputation of the University precedes itself. Our facilities, resources and teaching staff are world class. I feel hat the university offers so many opportunities and prepares you for success not only  domestically but globally as well.  

What advice would you give other students just starting out?

Do some work experience in the field before starting dentistry because it will help you transition into the course well.