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Student profile: Dentistry

Meet Ankal Shankar
We caught up with Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) student Anchal Shankar, to find out why she chose her degree and what it's like studying at the University of Sydney.
Anchal Shankar sitting amongst dentistry equipment

Anchal Shankar – Doctor of Dental Medicine

Why I chose dentistry at Sydney

After completing my undergraduate degree in the medical sciences, I wanted to challenge myself and specialise further. Ranked first in Australia for graduate employability, the University of Sydney gives you access to the best facilities and resources. I also wanted to make a positive, tangible difference to someone every single day in my career, and dentistry will equip me with a specialised set of skills to do so.

What surprised me about my degree

Within a couple of weeks, all first-year dentistry students were comfortably wearing their protective gear, using tools, and filling cavities. That’s what I love. We were given the opportunity to develop our practical skills at Sydney Dental Hospital from the first week. I still remember when my greatest concern was that the high-speed drill would go through my finger. The improvement is phenomenal.

My career goals

After completing the DMD program, I hope to work, teach and lead. I would like to work in a clinical setting, where patients are given the best care. Having been a private academic tutor for many years, I would love to continue my passion for teaching at the University of Sydney. Finally, I would like to play active roles in the dental leadership bodies within Australia, so that I can push for progress within the industry.

My advice

Having been here for only a couple of months, I can already say that this course will push you. However, this is in the best of ways. There will be unflinching support, every step of the way, as you experience a learning curve like never before. The Doctor of Dental Medicine promises to deliver Australia’s best dentists, and I have no doubt about this.