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Student profile: Nursing

Meet Rachel Famularo
We caught up with Bachelor of Nursing student, Rachel Famularo, to find out why she chose nursing and what it's like studying at the University of Sydney.
Bachelor of Nursing student

Rachel Famularo, Bachelor of Nursing

Why did you choose to study Nursing?

I began my nursing journey after working for The Starlight Children’s Foundation as a group facilitator. My role was to lift the spirits of hospitalised youth and I enjoyed this so much that I wanted a career where I could transform the hospital experience for more people at a higher level.

What does a typical day at uni look like for you?

I have 2-8 hours of classes per day. Each class is specialised and you learn a different way to save lives every day. The nursing campus is small and about a 20 minute walk to main campus so you get to know your peers and the academic staff.

What has surprised you most about your degree?

I was surprised at how fast paced the learning is and how much content there is to cover. I am most surprised that I have been able to keep up with it all.

What do you like most about studying at Usyd?

I like the interactive classes, especially simulation labs. At first it can be awkward and stressful trying to keep a dummy alive… but it's best to test your skills out on sim-man first!

What advice would you give other students just starting out

I would tell students to believe in themselves. I wasn’t academic in high school and nobody expected that I would go on to university and study nursing, but I’m thriving as a mature age student. I would also tell new students to participate in class discussions because you will be surprised how much it helps you learn.