University Student Placements

For all University Student Placements please head to the BHUDRH Student Website to submit an online application and for further information on placement opportunities with the Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health.

Please contact the Student Coordinator on 08 8080 1200 or email if you have specific inquiries about dates, availability or are having trouble accessing the link.



The Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health (BHUDRH) aims to improve health care in far western New South Wales by providing high quality support, education and training for rural and remote health workers.

Its focus is to establish relevant teaching and support environments, promote opportunities for student placements in the region, and deliver a successful rural attachment program for medical, nursing and allied health students.

The BHUDRH encourages experienced academic staff to spend time in rural and remote communities and foster partnerships to improve the quality of health care for rural Australians.

The Department’s research and development team provide comprehensive research training for general practitioners, primary health care workers, Indigenous mental health trainees and professional development support for local health professionals in our region.

Overall the BHUDRH has a strong population health focus and supports existing health providers to improve health service development, especially in public health and primary health care.

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