Aims and processes


  • to collect reliable and valid data about general practice which is responsive to the ever-changing needs of information users.
  • to establish an ongoing database of GP/patient encounter information.
  • to assess patient based risk factors and the relationship these factors have with health service activity.
  • to provide accurate and timely data to a wide variety of users including government bodies, GP organisations, consumers, researchers, and the pharmaceutical industry.

The process

  • An on-going data collection process - 20 GPs recording per week.
  • Random sample of 1000 GPs annually across Australia - from HIC Medicare records.
  • 100 consecutive consultations from each GP.
  • All consultations recorded - including indirect consultations (e.g. telephone) - which result in a management action e.g. prescription, referral, etc.

  • Year 13 (April 2010–March 2011) BEACH recording form, Instructions for participating doctors

    A copy of previous forms and instructions are included in the corresponding "General practice activity in Australia .." annual reports.