Secondary School Education Program

High school students can deepen and extend their classroom learning through our exhibitions and collections.

A range of options is available, from general introductory tours of the collections for Year 7 groups to specialised HSC tours.

We also offer tours of the Quadrangle on the University of Sydney’s Camperdown campus and provide a glimpse of university life for students. Tours can be organised to coincide with other on-campus activities such as Science Alliance and careers markets.

Years 7 to 10

For Stage 4 and 5 students (years 7-8 and 9-10), we can provide introductory sessions that encourage students' interest in history, culture and art.

In these programs, we focus on discovery and developing interpretative skills, emphasising that it is important to be aware of context. The programs are designed to develop students' skills in reading 'material culture' – that is, the physical remains of a past society.

Years 11 and 12 – HSC students

Stage 6 students (years 11 and 12) are given intensive sessions on subjects related to HSC courses, with a focus on analysing and interpreting evidence.

It is also an excellent opportunity for students to experience university life and tertiary studies.


Particular emphasis is placed on Stages 4-5 and Stage 6 syllabuses. There is a focus on the following subject areas:

  • Ancient History
  • Languages
  • Biology
  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Visual Arts.

The Nicholson Museum

An introduction to ancient history and archaeology

Archaeological methods and techniques

Life on a dig




The ancient Near East

The Celts

Pompeii and Herculaneum



Imperial Rome

Classical Athens and Sparta

Bronze Age

Crete and Greece

Death & burial in ancient Egypt

Writing in the ancient world

Soldiers in antiquity


Other topics

Heritage tours of the University and its grounds

The Macleay Museum and University Art Gallery are closed in preparation for the opening of the Chau Chak Wing Museum in 2020.