Beauty and Betrayal: Ancient and Neo-Classical Jewellery

Gold Eye of Horus bead, NM65.66

Gold Eye of Horus bead

Gold, silver and coloured stones crafted in the past remain beautiful today. Worn as jewellery the metal and stone enhance the beauty of a person, indicate their wealth and status, provide protection or stand as a reminder of a loved one. In 18th and 19th century Europe jeweller’s were inspired by the ancient craftsmen and recreated ancient styles for the modern wearer.

Beauty brings desire and with it the potential for betrayal. Eriphale betrays her husband for a necklace, Jason leaves Medea once she has helped him acquire the golden fleece. The beauty of Helen, whose jewellery Schliemann claimed to have discovered at Troy, brought misery to thousands.

This exhibition presents many examples of ancient and Neo-Classical jewellery from the Nicholson Museum and other Australian collections.

From June 30 - November 21 2010