David Sequeira

© David Sequeira, My Father

Working in a range of media, David Sequeira explores notions of language and information through colour and geometry. For the last 15 years, the symbolism and function of books have been an important aspect of his work.

Intrigued by the bookness of books, Sequeira has displayed them on shelves, sewn them shut, dissected and re-assembled them, cut out pictures from them, glued pictures and coloured shapes inside them; rebound them and read them. For Sequeira, books have significance beyond their words. They are like containers that hold thoughts, ideas and history and they signal values, principles and ideals.

Presented in association with Sydney Writers’ Festival.

On the 1 June David Sequeira will talk about his work. Click here for invitation

University Art Gallery
12 May – 22 June 2008

Image: © David Sequeira My Father's Library 1996-2006. Installation of discarded books and shelving