Egyptians, gods and mummies

From the exhibition Egyptians, gods and mummies

In about 450 BC, the Greek travel writer Herodotus went to Egypt. He journeyed throughout the Delta, up the Nile as far as Elephantine, and headed into the desert towards Giza to see the Pyramids and the Sphinx. They were already, in his day, 2000 years old.

He also visited the Temple of Bastet at Bubastis. A granite column capital from this temple (pictured), weighing 3.4 metric tonnes, will be the centrepiece of the exhibition, on display in the Nicholson Museum for the first time. On either side of the capital is the carved head of the goddess Hathor.

The exhibition looks at Egypt through the eyes of Herodotus. Mummified cats, birds and crocodiles are on display, plus three of the Nicholson's mummies.