The Human Redesign Project

Amy Waghorn: [[i||Homo trawliens]], 2010

Image: Amy Waghorn, Homo trawliens, 2010

After the oil runs dry what alternatives will we turn to? What renewable resources will we exploit to replace the combustion engine and the electric motor?

These questions were put to ten Design and Illustration students at the Design Centre Enmore. Their solution: relax the laws restricting genetic engineering and redesign the human body. Custom build a workforce with the speed and strength necessary to keep the wheels of industry turning. Genetically grow a fleet of human cars and trucks. Or human messengers who can run so fast they can skip across the surface of water.

The Human Redesign Project is an exhibition of ten designs on display at the Macleay Museum from May 30 to September 4. The students have sculptured maquettes and created detailed anatomical drawings showing how our descendants’ bones and muscles might be altered for industry.

Some of their designs are whimsical, others poignant. Together, the exhibition is an imaginative and confronting depiction of what we might all look like if industrial and commercial interests not only dictated our daily hours but also our physical form as well.

This is the third exhibition of Design and Illustration students’ work hosted by the Macleay Museum. In 2010 Dangerous Worlds we explored the effects of climate changes on the human body and in 2009 students accelerated time to see how animals might evolve in Futurescape.


30 May - 4 September, 2011