Curator: Dr Susan Best

The second exhibition in our four part series VIBRATION, VIBRAÇÃO, VIBRACIÓN: LATIN AMERICAN KINETIC ART OF THE 1960s AND ’70s will be on display from the 7th July to 13th September 2012.

The exhibition is comprised of twelve South American artworks, most of which were acquired by Gordon Thomson for the Power Collection when he was Curator of the Power Gallery of Contemporary Art at Sydney University in 1967. Thanks to Thomson’s broad and innovative collection practice, there are more South American kinetic works in the Power Collection than anywhere else in the country. Well known artists, such as Julio Le Parc and Lucio Fontana, will be presented alongside other artists from Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil.

To augment the University holdings, and to thereby include two of the most inventive women artists of this period, two films have been borrowed from the estates of Brazilian artist Lygia Clark and Venezuelan artist Gertrud Goldschmidt (usually known simply as Gego). The films, The World of Lygia Clark (1973) directed by her son Eduardo Clark and Movement and Vibration in Space, Sculpture by Gego made by artist Carlos Cruz-Diez (1959) present outstanding surveys of two of the most original kinetic artists to emerge in the late 1950s and 60s.

For information about this exhibition Click here for the exhibition catalogue (PDF, 4.2MB).

Special Events

Luis Tomasello Atmosphere chromoplastique no 154 (detail) 1966

Image: Luis Tomasello Atmosphere chromoplastique no 154 (detail) 1966, J W Power Collection, University of Sydney, managed by Museum of Contemporary Art © the Artist

This symposium will explore different approaches to movement in Latin American art of the 1960s and 70s.
Speakers are: Mercedes Vicente on Hélio Oiticica, Susan Best on Gego, and ADS Donaldson on Madi.

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Saturday 4 August 2012, 2–4.30PM
Free Event
Philosophy Room S249, The Quadrangle

Exhibition Floor Talk

Tuesday 10 July, 5-6PM
Free Event
A floor talk in the exhibition space by Dr Susan Best, exhibition curator.

The exhibition opening will follow this event. Click here for more information (PDF, 675KB)

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