Dhaga Ngiyahni Ngan.Girra (Where We All Meet)

Lynette Riley and Diane Riley-McNaboe. Photo: Shantell Toomey, 2012

Lynette Riley and Diane Riley McNaboe wearing Kangaroo-skin cloaks, belts and head-dresses at Terramungamine, NSW, 2012. Photograph by Shantell Toomey

Dhaga Ngiyanhi Ngan.Girra is Wiradjuri for 'Where We All Meet'. The representation of a meeting place is a central idea within this collaboration between two artists, Lynette Riley and Diane Riley McNaboe.

This exhibition will showcase kangaroo-skin cloaks, headdresses, belts, and a possum-skin blanket made by Lynette and Diane. These objects were made for thousands of years by Aboriginal people until settlement by Europeans put an end to this cultural practice. These objects combine the techniques and knowledge of the past with images and materials of the present in a stunning profile of Wiradjuri culture.

Essay by Djon Mundine, written for the Western Plains Cultural Centre exhibition catalogue, 2012

Protected in the skin - Beside my soul. Essay by Djon Mundine, written for the Western Plains Cultural Centre exhibition catalogue, 2012.

Kangaroo-skin cloak interviews

Learn more about the cloaks and their owners in these short videos.

Diane Riley-McNaboe

'Barung' Warren Mundine

Mindal Mundine

Julang Mundine

Larry Brandy

Wiradjuri Resources

Wiradjuri plant use in the Murrumbidgee Catchment

Alice Williams and Tim Slides, (2008). Wiradjuri Plant use in the Murrumbidgee Catchment. Published by the Murrumbidgee Catchment Authority, Wagga Wagga.

Language revitalisation

Diane McNaboe and Susan Poetsch, (2010). Language revitalisation: Community and school programs working together. In John Hobson, Kevin Lowe, Susan Poetsch and Michael Walsh (Eds.), Re-awakening languages: Theory and practice in the revitalisation of Australias Indigenous languages, (pp. 216-224). Sydney: Sydney University Press.

Biladurang: A Wiradjuri creation story

Join Wiradjuri woman Sharon Riley telling the story of gaygar and the biladurang on the River Lett near Lithgow...

Our Mother Tongue: Wiradjuri

Our Mother Tongue: Wiradjuri, by Suzi Taylor, from Mother Tongue.

This exhibition was originally curated by Lynette Riley, Diane Riley McNaboe, Kent Buchanan, Caroline Edwards for the Western Plains Community Centre, Dubbo, in 2012 and re-worked for the Macleay Museum by Jude Philp.

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Western Plains Community Centre