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MUSE Issue 21

Features in this issue:

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Issue 21, October 2018

  • A living dimension: plantings for the Chau Chak Wing Museum – On the significance of the landscape around our new museum.
  • Connections – A new exhibition at the Nicholson reveals global links to objects in our collections.
  • Distant relations – Visiting Indigenous artefacts far from home in Helsinki, Finland.
  • David Myers’ graphintegrator – A recent acquisition sheds light on an interesting period in the history of computing.
  • Putting Jericho under the microscope – Introducing a new joint research project with the British Museum.
  • Recycling history – Artist Sarah Goffman, inspired by ancient cultures, turns trash into treasure.
  • A shrewd tale – Secrets of a mysterious reliquary in the Nicholson revealed.
  • Wedgwood in Melanesia – The remarkable life of a trailblazer from a famous family dynasty.
  • Coffey and a chat on the beach – Historic photographs give new insights into a painting in the collection.
  • A gift from Korea – A small artwork is also a trace of a time of diplomatic outreach.
  • Stereography in the land of Homer – Historic stereographs reveal more than just ancient vistas.
  • The curiosities of Dru Drury – Looking for specimens in a famous 18th century collection in the Macleay Museum.
  • Picturing antiquity – Exquisite large-scale historic photographs reveal some key archaeological sites.
  • Making history – See what our guests and staff have been up to.
  • Find your muse – Upcoming events and programs.