Revision of the dottyback fish subfamily Pseudoplesiopinae (Pseudochromidae)

Pseudoplesiops rosae

Pseudoplesiops rosae, large-scaled dottyback. Photo: Rick Winterbottom

The Pseudoplesiopinae is a subfamily of small coral-reef fishes found throughout the Indo-Pacific. The aims of the study are to determine species within the subfamily and investigate their phylogenetic relationships. We have published two major papers contributing to this project. In our first paper (Gill & Edwards 1999), we provided an historical summary and evidence for monophyly of the subfamily, diagnosed its five included genera and hypothesised their interrelationships. In our second paper (Gill & Edwards 2004), we provided revisions of Chlidichthys (13 species) and Pectinochromis (one species) from the western and central Indian Ocean (including the Red Sea). Work is nearing completion on the final two papers of this project: a revision of the genus Lubbockichthys; and revisions of the genera Amsichthys and Pseudoplesiops.

Research Team

  • Dr Anthony Gill, The University of Sydney
  • Professor Alasdair J. Edwards, University of Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K.