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Keegan Joyce

Bachelor of Music Studies 2014
Keegan has worked on stage, in film and television and most recently has enjoyed success in three award-winning seasons of the hit series Rake for the ABC.

In 2014 Keegan finished his degree in Musicology at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and also played Arnold in the second season of Please Like Me for ABC2 and Pivot TV.

Keegan returned to the stage in 2014 with Once: A new musical, playing the bass, ukulele, and guitar as the character Andrej.

Keegan has worked with some of Australia’s most celebrated performers and industry professionals. He has a wide range of musical skills and recently sang tenor for a Gregorian Chant album produced by the ABC, a particular musicological interest of his.

Headshot of Keegan Joyce

In his own words

“Toward the end of my high-school education I became more and more interested in music analysis and theory. There is no better place in Australia to study Musicology so it was an easy choice.

“At the Conservatorium, my degree covered general music history but my main interests quickly became choral music and Gregorian chant. I was lucky enough to join the Chamber Choir on tour in Europe and sang at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and Westminster Abbey in London. I will never forget those experiences.

“The sheer amount of music and similarly inclined people you are surrounded by at the Conservatorium is enough of an education in itself, let alone your classes.”