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Student from the Conservatorium teaching a child to play guitar

Music education

Enhancing the teaching and learning of music in global settings
Our research into music education is informed by specialist knowledge of the music of Southeast Asia, Melanesia and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

At the Conservatorium, our research combines the methodologies of education with those informed by ethnomusicological, sociological, psychological, historical, and cultural studies.

We examine music teaching and learning from a range of perspectives, in all contexts, from early childhood through various levels of school and university systems to studio teaching, community music activity, popular music, music therapy and music in notated and non-notated traditions.

Our staff also bring expertise in wider educational fields, such as:

  • gifted education
  • educational psychology
  • social foundations of education
  • e-learning
  • behaviour management for adolescents.

Their work is widely published in books and major international journals in music education, ethnomusicology, music psychology, popular music and cultural studies.

We offer postgraduate training in many types of music teaching and learning, placing creativity and cultural diversity at the centre of all we do. The wide range of topics available reflect our broad view of music education.

Each semester we host free seminars, About Music Education, where we invite leading practitioners and researchers to provoke discussion with a short, “TED-style” presentation on a topic of their choice. For a showcase of this series, see our past events page.