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Close up of a row of musicology-related books with some titles in focus and others blurred

Music scholarship

Our research into music is as diverse as music itself
We seek to understand the nature of music in areas ranging from medieval chant to music of minorities, from indigenous song to the analysis of current popular music genres.

Our researchers have a diverse range of interests including:

  • music theory and analysis
  • music in society (ethnomusicology)
  • film music
  • popular music
  • music history
  • music cognition. 

We collaborate with colleagues in cross-disciplinary projects in health, physiology, design, cultural studies, linguistics, anthropology, political science and history. Our researchers publish widely in books and journals, and we also present our work in national and international conferences and seminars.

Postgraduate research students can undertake a PhD in Musicology or a Master of Music (Musicology). Students work in a wide range of areas from early music and performance practice to 19th and 20th century art music, as well as studies in Australian music history, ethnomusicology and contemporary popular music.

Many of our staff and postgraduate students also contribute to public understanding of music with reviews in newspapers and online publications, pre-concert talks, public lectures and workshops, program notes and CD liner notes, as well as radio broadcasts.