Mr Jim Coyle

Biographical details

Jim Coyle has twenty-five years' experience teaching music in New South Wales from pre-school to university levels. He is much sought after as a leader of Professional Learning for in-service teachers. Coyle also takes high-profile masterclasses for young composers and is a popular pre-concert speaker for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

As a composer he has recently completed works commissioned by Anthony Heinrichs, The Metropolitan Orchestra, Sydney Chamber Music Festival, Tim Jones and Bridget Bolliger. His creative research output also contains poly-technical compositions, that is, works for musically-untrained children and expert musicians to perform together.

Coyle holds a BMus (hons.) degree from London University and an MMus in composition from Sydney Conservatorium. He is just about to graduate from his doctoral studies and his research includes a thesis on the poly-technical works of Benjamin Britten.

Research interests

  • Music education
  • Composition pedagogy
  • Differentiation and poly-technicality in music education
  • The music of Benjamin Britten
  • Community singing

Teaching and supervision

  • MUED1010 Key Ideas in Music Education
  • MUED3603 Composition in Music Education
  • MUED3605 Junior Secondary Music Education
  • MUED4602 Senior Secondary Music Education
  • MUED3604 Ensemble Pedagogy

Current research students

Project title Research student
Effects of Group Harp Learning on Self Efficacy and Self Concept Bethany CARTER

Selected publications & creative works

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Musical Compositions

  • Coyle, J. (2018). Dancing with Billy Bray. Sydney, Australia: Australian Music Centre.


  • Coyle, J. (2018). Dancing with Billy Bray. Sydney, Australia: Australian Music Centre.

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