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Case studies

There are lots of ways to engage with us

We appreciate that companies require specific set-ups to maximise the value of a project. Talk to us to find out how we can support your business, processes and products.

We are world-class experts in nanoscience technology. Our expertise covers research and industrial applications for emerging and mature markets. We are working with global blue chips, local small and medium-sized enterprises, startups and investors, as well as industry and government associations.  

Collaboration and engagement between Sydney Nano and industry partners can happen in multiple ways: cooperative research, linkage projects and making use of our core research facilities.

ARC Linkage project with Dulux Australia

Developing nanoscale additives for functional paint

A long-standing successful collaboration between industry and academia has brought together chemical experts in the area of polymer nanoparticle synthesis and stabilisation with those in the area of surface coatings.

ARC Training Centre for Innovative BioEngineering

Pioneering bioengineering therapies and technologies

An Australian centre for the discovery, development and manufacture of innovative technology at the intersection of biology and engineering.

Q-Ctrl - a quantum technology company

Powering the quantum revolution

Q-Ctrl, the first spin-off from the University of Sydney’s Quantum Science group, was established with the support of global venture capital firms to be the trusted provider of quantum control for all emerging quantum technologies.

Microsoft - Quantum Computing Research

Quantum computing will be one of the most transformative technologies of the 21st century

The University has signed a multi-year partnership with Microsoft, creating an unrivalled setting and foundation for quantum research in Sydney and Australia, housed inside the $150 million Sydney Nanoscience Hub.

ARC Linkage project with the defence industry

Working with Harris Corp and Defence Science Technology Group

Using the latest technology in nanophotonics, this ARC Linkage project will help industry and government solve complex problems in defence and communications. It also has application for next-generation civilian mobile networks.