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23 September 2016

Shanghai's lost history of Chinese-Australians

In the aftermath of Federation, many Chinese-Australians fled discriminatory Australian laws to start new lives in Shanghai. Daisy Kwok was one of them, Dr Sophie Loy-Wilson tells her story.

23 September 2016

Making the next meal

Large scale food production will be vital to meet the growing world demand. Maximising productivity from smaller scale and subsistence farmers will be essential and the work done by women particularly, will be important around the world.

23 September 2016

Voice of the people

Marissa Anita trained for print journalism at Sydney but has become a prominent TV journalist in Indonesia. Interviewing some of Indonesia’s most powerful people, she is part of her country’s evolving spirit of freedom of the press.

23 September 2016

My favourite: Henry Hawthorne

Henry Hawthorne studied law but ultimately found himself working as a lexographer. His love of words is matched by his love of travel. Here he talks about his six favourite things, while also demonstrating his photographic skills.

23 September 2016

When east meets west

Architecture students from Sydney and Indonesia came together to design shelters for Indonesian street vendors. The project saw them find new ways of using locally available materials and cross-cultural ways of problem solving.

23 September 2016

Grinners are school winners

The Poche Centre at the University of Sydney provides dental clinics in some of the state’s most disadvantaged areas. The clinics have improved school attendance, community oral health and provided a model for effective service delivery.

23 September 2016

A friend on the inside

Cancer’s great advantage is that it can evade the immune system. Now, major advances in immunology mean that researchers could soon make immune cells target cancers cells, reducing the need for invasive and traumatic cancer treatments.

23 September 2016

Things you learn here

People come to university to prepare for their careers, but they also learn about themselves. Four prominent alumni talk about the ideas, the people and the experiences that shaped their university careers and who they are now.

23 September 2016

Big ideas for better cities

The Australian population is growing more rapidly than previously predicted, putting huge pressure on urban areas. University of Sydney people are part of the urban design debate so future cities are more liveable and sustainable.

23 September 2016

Books that changed my mind

An advanced science student and a creative writing lecturer each talk about a key book that gave them a new insight or opened them up to a new way of thinking.