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23 September 2016

Things you learn here

People come to university to prepare for their careers, but they also learn about themselves. Four prominent alumni talk about the ideas, the people and the experiences that shaped their university careers and who they are now.

23 September 2016

Big ideas for better cities

The Australian population is growing more rapidly than previously predicted, putting huge pressure on urban areas. University of Sydney people are part of the urban design debate so future cities are more liveable and sustainable.

23 September 2016

Books that changed my mind

An advanced science student and a creative writing lecturer each talk about a key book that gave them a new insight or opened them up to a new way of thinking.

23 September 2016

On my desk

With interests and expertise in feminism, gender politics and social movements around everything from sex to race and rock and roll, Dr Rebecca Sheehan shares the stories of the objects in her work space and how they reflect her world view.

23 September 2016

Guilty until proved innocent

Miscarriages of justice are a fact of the legal system. Through the Exoneration Project, law and psychology students revisit cases looking for false convictions, and in the process teach each other new ways of thinking about facts.

23 September 2016

Baby steps

The BABY1000 project tracks the progress of babies during their first 1000 days, but significantly, the tracking starts prior to conception. This makes it a rare study internationally, as it works to identify ways to ensure the best lifelong health outcomes for babies.