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How to pick the Raising the Bar talk that’s right for you

6 October 2017
Have a taste of what is on offer

Raising the Bar Sydney is back for another round. If you need a refresher, Raising the Bar sees the University of Sydney take education out of the lecture theatre and into bars across Sydney. 

This year you can enjoy two talks in one night; with  academics delivering 20 talks across 10 bars in two different sessions – one at 6.30pm and another at 8pm.

That’s a lot of choices! Which is why we have put together a taste test of bars and talks that nicely compliment each other, so you can sample before you decide. 

Arming up the Reef so you can rest easy

Pull up a chair at the Bristol Arms and settle in for the night because after listening to Stefan Volk, you’ll be convinced that you deserve a sleep in the next day. You can also enjoy the atmosphere and extensive food options as Wiliam Figeura blows your mind with his plans to restore the Great Barrier Reef using GoPros and 3D printing. If you want to learn more about one of Australia’s great natural wonders, or if you like sleeping – this bar has its arms wide open.

Thyme to Turnip the Beet on health

Ever dreamt of a cocktail made with local and native ingredients and no preservatives? Bar PS40 offers house-made drinks with delicious fruits and vegies – healthy enough that even our speakers might encourage a bev or two. If you’re into health, nutrition or the world or exercise technology, this is the bar for you. With two top academics, Naseem Ahmadpour and Sue Radd, discussing how olive oil has the potential to treat dementia, and whether fitbits are just another expensive accessory – a funky cocktail with all natural ingredients will be your perfect companion for the night.

Flying the flag for pop culture

Can you think of a more fitting location than the Oxford Hotel to hear Jess Keane discuss marriage equality? If you want to hear more about what society would be like if same sex marriage was legalised, then this is the talk for you. While sipping on a refreshing beverage, you can also follow Jonathan Hutchinson down the social media rabbit hole and find out more about Taylor Swift’s new social identity revolution. If you love equality as much as you love T-Swizzle, then this is the bar for you.

Robots on tap

Who would’ve thought a 19th Century pub would be the place to hear about the future of artificial intelligence? With 17 beers and ciders on tap, the Trinity bar will keep you well hydrated as you hear Fabio Ramos and Robyn Dowling discuss everything from robots that understand emotion to technology that acts for the good of mankind. If you want to know what role robots will play in the future of healthcare, disability and everyday activities, join us at Trinity Bar.

Burgers, beers and politics

Is there ever a bad time for a burger? The Carrington don’t think so. In fact, they’re offering a beer and a burger deal while you listen to our academics discuss the irony of our National Anthem and the satirical reality of US politics. Hear Mary Crock question the dangerous lack of enforceable human rights protection in Australia and then listen to Rodney Taveira delve into whether American politics would even exist if it couldn’t be liked or retweeted. Burger in hand, and beer in the other – a night of politics at The Carrington could be a win.

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