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Six ways the Master of Marketing can enhance your career

16 October 2017
Looking to take your career to the next level or change industries? Striving to gain that competitive edge?

Central to any organisation's success, the demand for highly skilled marketers has never been stronger, presenting an array of exciting career opportunities.

Discover how a Master of Marketing can help you realise your career ambitions from six students who share their unique stories.

Tash Menon, Director - MASH Brands

Build your network in an international setting

"I chose to study the Master of Marketing at the University of Sydney because it has a great reputation worldwide. The small class settings with students from different industries, nationalities and backgrounds was really attractive to me. The program has already provided me with great networking opportunities. It was through one of the guest speakers that I got my first consulting job in Australia! Overall, it offers an international environment, with excellent professors and fellow students. The inspiring ideas I am exposed to everyday encourage me to keep learning and grow personally and professionally." - Bowie Chen

Change your career

"I chose to study the Master of Marketing at the University of Sydney because I wanted a career change. I have worked in the accounting industry for few years. I know how to allocate and record revenue, but I wanted to know more about how to generate it, and specifically, master the skills of marketing which is a key driver of any business. I am particularly interested in consumer behaviour and brand management, and plan to pursue a PhD after completing this cutting edge degree." - Ayesha Hossain

Abercrombie building, The University of Sydney Business School

Enhance your professional prospects

"I chose the University of Sydney to study a Master of Marketing because I had a lack of theoretical business knowledge. Coming from a background in neuroscience and being thrust into marketing management positions from graduation, I experienced a lot of failure and stress. Having a foundation in advanced marketing and management concepts is absolutely crucial in building a successful career and business, and this program has already proved to enhance my professional prospects within the first semester of study." - Tom Parish

Gain exposure to unique opportunities to innovate and create

"I chose the University of Sydney to build upon my marketing experience, and to study the latest academic thinking. I dropped in at an Open Day and the Unit of Study Coordinator for the program. After a short conversation, I knew this was the high standard of teaching and expectations that I was after. I could not have imagined the wonderful friendships that I have already formed in just a few months. The diverse group leads to incredible innovation, creativity and opportunities. I am proud of the work we have produced to date, and I feel lucky to have such amazing colleagues in the unit!" - Mike Joyce

Challenge your mindset

"I thought the Master of Marketing would be a good chance study again, and this time to be more dedicated to my work. The University of Sydney has offered me the chance to get in contact with students from diverse backgrounds. I have learnt how to express myself in a better way, and rid myself of my regular mindset. The robust teaching facilities and wonderful learning environment that’s fostered by the teaching team makes the University of Sydney one of the best universities. I am confident that it will forever remain a special life experience with good memories and true friends." - Hazel Chen

Become an expert in your field

"Marketing is so diverse, and I wanted a well-rounded education supporting me in any role that I took on in the future. Understanding various marketing processes from start to finish, and their long-term effects on a brand, were especially important to me. Specifically, a good balance of creativity and technical aspects, like research and reporting, were key factors in my decision to study at the University of Sydney." - Nicole Bernstein

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