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17 September 2019

E-Mine - design thinking offers a sustainable solution

The Genesis program which supports the most promising start-ups has shortlisted Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning student, Shriya Srinagesh, whose concept offers an ingenious solution for recycling e-waste.
17 September 2019

On Thank You Day, donors give millions to education and research

As the University celebrates the generosity of its donors with Thank You Day, three supporters have contributed close to $3 million to causes from scholarships to medical research.
17 September 2019

Solving the mystery of a Motor Neuron Disease mimic

Mudgee residents Richard and Lynda Rouse are donating $1 million to the University of Sydney to help solve the mystery of a little-known condition commonly misdiagnosed as Motor Neuron Disease.
17 September 2019

First case of drug-resistant typhoid reported in Australia

A letter in the MJA this week reports Australia's first case of extensively drug resistant typhoid, highlighting the importance of vaccination as drug-resistant infections become more common.
16 September 2019

Animals in Need: the fund that saved Sandy the dachshund

When their beloved pet was catastrophically injured, the Furina family could not afford to pay for her care. With help from University donors, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital came to the rescue.
16 September 2019

What is a pixel?

Last week, Pixar co-founder and first director of computer graphics at Lucasfilms, Dr Alvy Ray Smith joined our Dean of Engineering to discuss the immeasurable impact of one 20th century invention: the pixel.
13 September 2019

Male circumcision opposition supported by poor evidence, paper finds

A review paper analysing claims made by male circumcision opponents has found counter-arguments tend to be supported by low-quality evidence, much of it spread via social media and the internet.
13 September 2019

Alumnus wins 'America's Nobel' for biomedical research

Emeritus Professor Miller has been awarded the most prestigious biomedical research prize in the United States, for discovering key parts of our immune system that 'remember' invaders and protect us from diseases. 

13 September 2019

University of Sydney tops both MBA and EMBA rankings

The University of Sydney has claimed top spot in the 2019 BOSS MBA Rankings, with both the MBA and Global Executive MBA (EMBA) ranking first in Australia.
13 September 2019

Asset ownership key to understanding class in the 21st Century

With wealth inequality in Australia showing no sign of slowing, it is now a person's assets - rather than their employment status - that operates as the key decider and distributor of their life chances, argue University of Sydney researchers in a new paper.