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02 February 2018

Meet the power couple of back pain research

The drugs don't work, but video games might, say experts Paulo and Manuela Ferreira. The couple are former physiotherapists and now University of Sydney back pain researchers.
02 February 2018

University-led cyber security network receives new government funding

The NSW Government announced $2 million in funding for a university-led cyber security network, of which the University of Sydney is a founding partner. It will provide an opportunity to take the University's blockchain research to new heights.
02 February 2018

Quantum 'hack' to unleash computing power

The instability of qubits - the building blocks of quantum computers - means they are susceptible to error. Our physicists have found that tweaking error coding can open the door to huge efficiency gains.
02 February 2018

New research project to help tackle chronic pain

University of Sydney pain researcher Professor Fiona Blyth AM has been awarded a $500,000 project grant to investigate how to reduce the risk of people developing chronic pain.
01 February 2018

Statement on the Advertising Standards Bureau decision

The University of Sydney respectfully disagrees with the Advertising Standards Bureau's decision regarding 'Unlearn Criminal' and issues the following statement in response.
01 February 2018

Director of Student Support Services discusses consent education

Director of Student Support Services Jordi Austin was interviewed on ABC Radio Melbourne about the Consent Matters module and other initiatives the University has introduced to make students, staff and visitors feel safe on campus.

01 February 2018

Under Construction

When wet-plate negatives were the latest in photographic technology, one of the University’s first professors, John Smith, was fascinated by this process and created many precious plates that document the history of the University.

01 February 2018

Kids born later in the year can still excel in sport

A child’s birth month shouldn’t affect their long-term prospects in high-level sport and those who hold off specialising until later years may be the most successful, according to new research from the University of Sydney.
31 January 2018

Why we can’t rely on corporations to save us from climate change

Why we can't rely on corporations to save us from climate change; Professor Christopher Wright and Honorary Professor Daniel Nyberg explain the common patterns they found in their research.
31 January 2018

Student insights boost Vietnam's social enterprise sector

A cross-faculty group of University of Sydney students recently worked with 12 counterparts from the Vietnam National University of Economics and Business on research into the needs of the country’s social enterprises.