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23 February 2018

Children with chronic kidney disease at risk of lower IQs

Children with chronic kidney disease (CKD) are at risk of lower IQs and deficits in academic skills, University of Sydney research reveals.

23 February 2018

Why you're probably not 'addicted' to your smartphone

Obsessively checking your smartphone apps might look like addiction, but is it? Dr Andrew Campbell, a University of Sydney expert in cyberpsychology, explains and offers evidence-based tips to reduce smartphone use.
22 February 2018

Impact of misunderstanding genetic tests for heart conditions

Patients who undergo genetic testing for inherited heart disease need to be better informed to know how to interpret the results and understand the impact the results will have on their life, a University of Sydney study has found.
20 February 2018

Largest ever crowdfunded gift to University helps fight cancer

The family of an Australian human rights activist has raised $100,000 to help tackle pancreatic cancer. It is the largest ever crowdfunded gift to the University of Sydney.
15 February 2018

Experts call to prevent injuries at indoor trampoline parks

Injury experts are urgently calling for a mandatory Australian Standard to prevent the rise of serious injuries linked to the booming use of indoor trampoline parks.
14 February 2018

What is your real 'biological age'?

Having an older biological age on aged-based risk calculators simply means you have at least one risk factor that is higher than the number set as "normal", writes Dr Carissa Bonner from the School of Public Health.
14 February 2018

How big pharma could be influencing your healthcare

Call to rid professional education of commercial sponsorship, as analysis of industry-funded events suggests a link between pharmaceutical marketing and the overdiagnosis and overtreatment of certain conditions.
12 February 2018

Opioids for muscle and joint pain in older people may be harmful

A new study has shown that opioids offer older people with muscle and joint pain little benefit, whilst significantly increasing the risk of serious negative side effects.
09 February 2018

Allergan to acquire University of Sydney spinoff Elastagen

University spinoff Elastagen Pty Ltd has entered into a definitive agreement under which Allergan plc, a leading global biopharmaceutical company, has agreed to acquire the company.
08 February 2018

Celebrating women and girls in science

University of Sydney scientists are today hosting a conversation in Westmead on the achievements and challenges facing women in science.