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An abstract image of nerve cells.

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25 May 2018

Professor Elizabeth Elliott AM wins AMA Excellence in Healthcare Award

A pioneer in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder research, patient care and advocacy, Professor Elizabeth Elliott AM has been awarded the Excellence in Healthcare Award 2018 by the Australian Medical Association.
23 May 2018

Food as medicine: fixing health with a fork

The idea that food has medicinal properties dates to Antiquity but has seen a revival in recent times with an abundance of research, journals, books and conferences devoted to the topic.
23 May 2018

Don't want to take daily contraceptive pills? Here's the alternatives

Some women don't want to take a contraceptive pill every day. Dr Deborah Bateson from the University of Sydney canvasses the long-acting reversible alternatives as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.
21 May 2018

Brain training reduces gait freezing in Parkinson's patients

In a world first, clinicians have reduced 'freezing of gait' in Parkinson's Disease patients using brain training exercises in a trial led by Brain and Mind Centre scholars at the University of Sydney.
18 May 2018

National Reconciliation Week: Why history matters

Ahead of National Reconciliation Week, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander academics from the University of Sydney explore how the theme - Don't let history be a mystery - is crucial to their work, and Australia's future.
18 May 2018

Supporting people with intellectual disability to understand end-of-life

Australian researchers, in partnership with disability organisations, today launch a landmark project ensuring people with intellectual disability understand the concept of death and are supported to cope with end-of-life.
17 May 2018

The dark side of our genes: challenges to ageing in modern times

Genes that were helpful in our evolutionary past may now predispose us to chronic diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases, writes Associate Professor Stephen Corbett.
16 May 2018

Life-changing clinical trials take honours at national awards

Two University of Sydney-led clinical trials took honours today, being named finalist and winner of the 'Trial of the Year' by Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt MP and the Australian Clinical Trials Alliance.
14 May 2018

New bowel cancer chair says a treatment revolution is on its way

Bowel cancer treatment is set to be transformed by technology, says Professor Mark Molloy, the University of Sydney's first chair to specialise in the disease.

11 May 2018

Climate change a health risk, not just an environmental issue

Doctors should be telling patients that climate change is an immediate health risk, not just an environmental problem, say University of Sydney scholars and a sustainable healthcare expert visiting from the UK, Dr David Pencheon.