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An abstract image of nerve cells.

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13 September 2019

Male circumcision opposition supported by poor evidence, paper finds

A review paper analysing claims made by male circumcision opponents has found counter-arguments tend to be supported by low-quality evidence, much of it spread via social media and the internet.
13 September 2019

Alumnus wins 'America's Nobel' for biomedical research

Emeritus Professor Miller has been awarded the most prestigious biomedical research prize in the United States, for discovering key parts of our immune system that 'remember' invaders and protect us from diseases. 

12 September 2019

9 moments in the University of Sydney's history you need to know

From the world's first female radio astronomer to the discovery of neurons that allow us to see in 3D, a new book details highlights from Australia's first University.
12 September 2019

Seeing is revealing: new insights into brains and black holes

We brought together an engineer, neurologist, astrophysicist and philosopher to answer the big questions about life and the universe.
12 September 2019

Study casts doubt on accuracy of mobile drug testing devices

Research at the University of Sydney Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics suggests the devices currently used return both false positives and false negatives.
04 September 2019

Climate increasingly a mainstream health issue

Sydney has led a new Lancet comment on global warming and health; its publication came ahead of the latest declaration on climate as a health emergency, this time by the Australian Medical Association. Our experts explain why.
02 September 2019

Australia has a paracetamol poisoning problem

There has been a concerning increase in paracetamol poisonings, and resulting liver damage in Australia over the last decade writes Dr Rose Cairns from Sydney Pharmacy School.
02 September 2019

Preventing asthma attacks: a father's fight for his daughter

An asthma attack took Thea Notaras' life two weeks before her 17th birthday. Now her father is working to save others from her fate.

29 August 2019

Sydney researchers secure $38 million in NHMRC funding

University of Sydney researchers have excelled in the latest National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funding round, attracting more than $38 million for our projects extending from Sydney to rural NSW.
29 August 2019

Seeking prostate cancer treatments in the DNA of ancient tribes

Professor Vanessa Hayes' quest to understand the drivers of prostate cancer takes her from the laboratory to the African desert. Her discoveries could lead to earlier diagnosis and more targeted treatments.