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An abstract image of nerve cells.

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30 April 2018

New study tackles high density health issues

Potential planning measures to reduce heart disease, mental illness and Type 2 diabetes in residents living in highly urbanised environments will be explored in a new landmark study.
27 April 2018

Dementia research to receive $50,000 boost from crowdfunding

After watching in horror as his mother lost her ‘beautiful brain’, Paul Shaw decided to raise $50,000 for dementia research at the University of Sydney.
27 April 2018

New study measures support for public transport policies in Sydney

There are high levels of support for a public bike share program and more cycle paths in inner Sydney areas, according to a new study by University of Sydney researchers.
27 April 2018

Kids exposed to general anaesthetic do poorer on numeracy, literacy tests

Exposure to general anaesthetic up to age 4 raises the risk of poor child development and reduced literacy and numeracy as measured by school tests, new research led by the University of Sydney reveals.
24 April 2018

Are dentists influenced by gifts and incentives?

Compared to the medical profession, there is less discussion and scrutiny of gift-giving and incentives, and their potential to influence the behaviour of dentists, argue two University of Sydney experts in the latest issue of the Journal of Law and Medicine.
20 April 2018

Too many unneccesary medications prescribed for dementia patients

Medication use climbed 10 percent per year among newly diagnosed dementia patients, a new international study led by the University of Sydney reveals.
18 April 2018

Sydney bushfires, hazard burns linked to deaths, hospitalisations

As Sydney is blanketed by smoky haze from back-burning a major blaze, a University of Sydney report reveals bushfires and hazard burning caused 197 premature deaths and 1200 hospitalisations across the city between 2001-13.
17 April 2018

New blood pressure guidelines could put lives at risk

A new report in JAMA Internal Medicine by University of Sydney and Bond University scholars weighs the risks and benefits of a recent change to blood pressure guidelines in the US.
16 April 2018

Australia to join global health and climate change initiative

Australia has joined a global initiative tracking progress on human and climate change, say University of Sydney and Macquarie University scholars in today's Medical Journal of Australia.
13 April 2018

University of Sydney at forefront of digital health research

The University of Sydney is a lead partner in the new Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre (DHCRC) announced today by Senator the Hon. Zed Seselja, Assistant Minister for Science, Jobs and Innovation.