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An abstract image of nerve cells.

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03 July 2018

Anticonvulsant drugs ineffective for back pain, pose risk of adverse effects

Anticonvulsant drugs are ineffective in the treatment of lower back and lumbar radicular pain despite prescriptions rising by 500 percent in the past decade, new research led by the University of Sydney reveals.
02 July 2018

University of Sydney wins $4.5m in DFAT grants

The University of Sydney has won $4.5m in grants from The Department of Foreign Affairs to lead programs aimed at preventing infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance in Fiji and Vietnam.
28 June 2018

Our SOAR Fellows' research progress, six months on

The Sydney Researcher Accelerator (SOAR) Fellowships support outstanding early and mid-career researchers. Six months into the two-year fellowship, our SOAR fellows explain what a day in the life of a researcher is like.
28 June 2018

Researchers honoured with NHMRC Awards

Research into cardiovascular disease, back pain, kidney disease and brain injury has been recognised at the NHMRC Excellence Awards.
27 June 2018

Jockey seeking answers pledges brain to science

Veteran jockey Dale Spriggs who is suffering the impacts of 20 or more concussions has pledged his brain to The Australian Sports Brain Bank run by the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

27 June 2018

Decoded stretchy molecule gives living tissues flexibility

Researchers have decoded the molecular structure of tropoelastin, a protein that gives living tissues the ability to stretch and retract, and detailed how its structure is altered in various genetically-driven diseases.
27 June 2018

Dr Shelley Wickham wins Westpac Fellowship to study DNA origami

Dr Wickham will build new tools made from DNA origami - tiny tweezers, spanners, wrenches and springs - to better understand blood clotting on nanosurfaces and ultimately design better materials.
26 June 2018

How to spot industry influence in science

Keen to know if vested interests have influenced research methods or policies? Professor Lisa Bero outlines the signs to help scientists, journalists and the public assess scientific communications for industry involvement.
25 June 2018

New research reveals how rugby league players make it to the top

As New South Wales celebrates Origin victory it's likely some parents have hopes for their own children's sporting careers. So what does it take to make it to the top tier of rugby league?
19 June 2018

Trojan Horse: how a killer fungus unleashes meningitis

In a world first, University of Sydney researchers have revealed how a deadly fungus and primary cause of life-threatening meningitis exploits the immune system like a 'Trojan Horse' to promote infection.