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An abstract image of nerve cells.

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03 April 2018

How to cut the rise of superbugs? Experts can't agree

Australia’s doctors, dentists and veterinarians can’t agree whose job it is to reduce the rise of antimicrobial resistance, new research reveals.
29 March 2018

Mosquito saliva vital to the discovery of future drugs

By mimicking the anti-clotting properties of the proteins in a mosquito’s saliva, scientists could develop new drugs to treat conditions like deep vein thrombosis or stroke, according to new University of Sydney research.
29 March 2018

Academics awarded $4.6 million to conduct vital cancer research

University of Sydney researchers have been awarded a series of Cancer Council NSW research grants to fund their innovative and pioneering cancer research.
29 March 2018

How one woman transformed the way we study the human body

From a desk surrounded by skeletons, the formidable Mrs Macintosh transformed anatomy studies and research at the University of Sydney. She has inspired scientists and even helped police identify human remains.
28 March 2018

Kids' eating impacted by mums' diet and socio economic factors

New research shows toddler diets mirror their mums, and children of low income, younger and migrant mothers are developing poor dietary habits.
27 March 2018

Head first: sports brain bank launched

Six former pro-footballers have pledged their brains to the new Australian Sports Brain Bank launched today at the University of Sydney's Brain and Mind Centre.
26 March 2018

Qantas flight heralds second stage of research partnership

Researchers at the Charles Perkins Centre have collaborated with Qantas to transform air travel health and wellbeing, ahead of the airline’s first Perth to London flight that departed Australia on Saturday.
23 March 2018

Everything you need to know about daylight saving

Daylight saving is a ritual observed by over 40 percent of the world, but why do we change our clocks and how does it impact your sleep? University of Sydney experts explain.
23 March 2018

How ADHD affects pregnancy outcomes in women and their babies

Women on medication for ADHD should not stop treatment without consulting a doctor, says Dr Alison Poulton.
22 March 2018

How artists can help doctors conquer dangerous lifestyle diseases

In the fight against obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, art can reach the public with messages health professionals find hard to convey, writes Alana Valentine, writer-in-residence at the Charles Perkins Centre.