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An abstract image of nerve cells.

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20 May 2019

Scientists rush to support complex insight into obesity

Playwright Alana Valentine has been delighted by responses from scientists to her work Made to Measure, now playing at the Seymour Centre.
15 May 2019

Lady Primrose Potter AC receives Honorary Fellowship

Lady Primrose Potter AC has been named an Honorary Fellow of the University of Sydney in recognition of her services to the arts, medicine, and sciences in Australia.
13 May 2019

Common food additive found to affect gut microbiota

Experts call for better regulation of a common additive in foods and medicine, as research reveals it can impact the gut microbiota and could lead to inflammatory bowel diseases or colorectal cancer.
07 May 2019

The science of cannabis and driving

As medical cannabis becomes more readily available, it is imperative that any risks relating to driving are clarified via thorough research.
06 May 2019

$10m commitment to invest in Aboriginal training and jobs program

A $10 million commitment by the Federal Opposition announced today will help grow the University of Sydney's highly successful Aboriginal jobs and skills program.
03 May 2019

Flu vaccine encouraged for all children six months to five years

Universal vaccination programs are known to achieve higher coverage than targeted programs. Vaccinating young children has been shown to indirectly protect household members and may also protect the wider community.
01 May 2019

Put down the protein shake: variety of protein better for health

University of Sydney researchers have examined whether there are any ongoing ramifications or potential side-effects from long-term high protein intake or from consuming certain types of amino acids.
01 May 2019

Pain researchers find antidote to deadly box jellyfish sting

A team of pain researchers in the Charles Perkins Centre studied the most venomous creature on earth to learn how venom works and what causes pain.
30 April 2019

Are Australians kept in the dark about new risks of medicines?

Research shows communication about emerging safety risks of medicines is not consistent between countries. Experts call for better resourcing and evaluation of safety notifications to doctors and other prescribers.
29 April 2019

Election campaign lesson #1: don't mess with Medicare

Health has taken centre stage once again this election, with both sides trying to use "Mediscare" tactics to drive fear about cuts or shortfalls in the health system, writes Associate Professor Jim Gillespie.