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The milky way as seen from an observatory.

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03 April 2018

iWitnessed app launched by memory experts, police, QC

A unique app available for download in Australia should assist witnesses and victims of one-off events and ongoing occurrences make mobile records in a way that can help with convictions and prevent miscarriages of justice.
29 March 2018

Mosquito saliva vital to the discovery of future drugs

By mimicking the anti-clotting properties of the proteins in a mosquito’s saliva, scientists could develop new drugs to treat conditions like deep vein thrombosis or stroke, according to new University of Sydney research.
29 March 2018

University signs MOU with Tech Mahindra

The University has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Tech Mahindra, a global digital transformation provider, to undertake collaborative research and provide experiential learning opportunities to students.
27 March 2018

University of Sydney and NTU Singapore engineers join forces

Engineers from the University of Sydney and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) are collaborating on research in diverse areas ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) and food technology to clean energy and waste management.
26 March 2018

Qantas flight heralds second stage of research partnership

Researchers at the Charles Perkins Centre have collaborated with Qantas to transform air travel health and wellbeing, ahead of the airline’s first Perth to London flight that departed Australia on Saturday.
23 March 2018

Everything you need to know about daylight saving

Daylight saving is a ritual observed by over 40 percent of the world, but why do we change our clocks and how does it impact your sleep? University of Sydney experts explain.
23 March 2018

Urban technology designed to transform city environments

Steven Bai uses new technology to make urban environments more engaging and people friendly. He says the modern city is like a huge operating system that needs an upgrade, and he's already working on it.
22 March 2018

Country Women's Association backs scholarship in food security

Thanks to a major donation from the Country Women's Association of NSW, a new PhD scholarship will support a student working to develop a sustainable approach to nutrition.
22 March 2018

3D printing moves into biomedical engineering

3D printing was a revelation. Now, it’s a revolution, with biomedical 3D printing promising to create human tissue and body parts. Our researchers lead the field as they work to repair damaged heart tissue and replace bone.
20 March 2018

First for radio astronomers in gravitational waves breakthrough

The historic first detection of gravitational waves caused a media frenzy and put our radio astronomers in the spotlight. As part of the first team to pinpoint where the waves originated, they became part of the story.