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The promise (and threat) of algorithms: Professor Frank Pasquale proposes a solution to questions over the use and missuse of data

Upcoming events

The promise (and threat) of algorithms 

  • Wednedsay 15 August
  • Professor Frank Pasquale, an expert on the law of artificial intelligence, algorithms and machine learning, proposes solution to questions over some aspects of algorithmic ordering of information.

Do we have a right to psychological privacy?

  • Tuesday 21 August
  • In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, we ask the question - do we need a new right not to be "known" by our data? 

Being Collected: Insights into Repatriation

  • Monday 27 August
  • Assistant Curator, Indigenous Heritage, Matt Poll, brings together Aboriginal people working in community, museum and Government sectors to reflect on their experiences.

Professional obligations in an age of climate change

  • Monday 24 September
  • Are our ethical codes and standards doing enough to slow down climate change? This panel will consider these and other profound questions facing all professionals in the age of global warming.

Post-truth initiative series

We record most of our events, so feel free to visit Soundcloud or iTunes and listen to them anytime. Below, you'll find a selection of podcasts from our 2017 Post-truth initiative series.

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