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Computer scientist Daphne Koller giving a speech

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Man in centre of Large Hadron Collider

Theoretical physicist Peter Skands shows Why the Large Hadron Collider is a game changer, taking us on a tour the experiments performed at the LHC.

Upcoming events

Stem cell therapy: the good, the bad, and the ugly

  • Thursday 20 September
  • An expert panel examines the evidence of stem cell research, a hot field in medical science that holds as much promise as it is prone to scandal and fraud. 

Professional obligations in an age of climate change

  • Monday 24 September
  • Are our ethical codes and standards doing enough to slow down climate change? This panel will consider these and other profound questions facing all professionals in the age of global warming.

Why the Large Hadron Collider is a game changer

  • Tuesday 25 September
  • Theoretical physicist Peter Skands takes us on a tour of the experiments performed at The Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Building Food Utopias: Voice, Power and Agency

  • Wednesday 17 October
  • A panel, featuring international expert Eric Holt-Gimenez, explore how social movements across the globe are transforming systems for food and farming sustainability.

The Birth of State in Greater Mesopotamia

  • Tuesday 23 October
  • Professor Marcella Frangipane shares important new insights into the birth of early state societies in the greater Mesopotamian world.

Science podcasts

We record most of our events, so feel free to visit Soundcloud or iTunes and listen to them anytime. Below, you'll find a selection of popular science podcasts you might want to check out first.

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