Ms Jillian Davey

Clinical Education Specialist

M02A - 88 Mallett Street - Building A
The University of Sydney

Telephone +61 2 9114 4228

Biographical details

Jillian is a registered nurse with an extensive clinical backgroundi n medical and surgical nursing and is currently involved and strongly committed to the clinical facilitation and professional development of pre-registration nursing degree students in the health care setting.

Gaining extensive experience in perioperative nursing a specialty which focuses on the principles of teamwork and the delivery of optimal perioperative nursing care to the surgical patient has enabled Jillian to be exposed to a wide variety of surgical specialties including emergency and trauma surgery. In relation to patients undergoing surgical procedures Jillian recognises the importance of patient advocacy and the possession of a strong surgical conscience in achieving optimal health outcomes for the surgical patient. Jillian has undertaken postgraduate study in Perioperativ Nursing and has completed the Definitive Surgical Trauma Care Course which focuses on the surgical and perioperative nursing management of the trauma surgical patient.

Jillian is currently teaching in the Masters of Nursing Program and the Bachelor of Nursing Program (Advanced Studies) and is strongly committed to the professional development of pre-registration nursing degree students in the tertiary setting by identifying and developing student attributes and promoting the principles of teamwork and the importance of establishing strong patient and collegial relationships in relation to their professional development and nursing practice.

Research interests

Research Interests

  • Perioperative trauma surgery patient outcomes
  • Professional development of pre-registration nursing degree students in the health care setting after one year post registration.

Teaching and supervision

Bachelor of Nursing Program (Advanced Studies)

Masters of Nursing Program

Clinical Facilitation

An important aspect of Jillian's teaching role is the delivery of evidence based teaching principles in relation to nursing practice. The identification and development of student attributes in relation to enhancing the professional development of students in their nursing role in the tertiary and health care setting is also strongly supported with the aim of delivering optimal health care to patients supported by evidence based principles and nursing practice governed by an ethical framework.


Member New South Wales Nurses and Midwives’ Association


Nursing practice; Education

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