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Sydney Policy Lab

Addressing complex local and global policy challenges

We aim to contribute to the development of a society that works for everyone, by bringing people together to spark new ideas, reframe issues and transform the policy options on the table.

Collaborating for increased impact

We believe we can better understand problems and shape solutions by working together. This is why we collaborate with external partners on all our projects, including policy makers, practitioners, industry and community, to develop solutions with them, not for them.

An experimental and exploratory space

The Sydney Policy Lab provides an independent, neutral space to try, test and iterate different approaches and ways of thinking. We aim to catalyse new approaches by finding insights at the intersection of disciplines and expertise. To achieve this, we are bridging the divide between researchers of different disciplines, industry, community and policy makers: helping connect problems with teams of people that can help address them.

A world-class independent research offering

The University of Sydney has a long history of independent policy research and impact. Continuing this legacy, the Sydney Policy Lab brings together researchers to explore every angle of a policy challenge, free from agendas, which ensures that the work we produce is robust, independent and non-partisan.

Deciding priorities, together

We address the problems that matter the most, in ways that are useful and impactful. We create new and simple ways to connect with researchers and research so you can share the important challenges you are facing. We welcome and encourage inputs from policy-makers, industry and the broader community into our focus and approach, so we always stay relevant and useful. Connect with us.

Sydney Policy Lab launch

The future of work, wellbeing and technology

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Professor Marc Stears
“The Policy Lab is well positioned to turn deep knowledge and detailed research into real change in a way that no other university in the world has done before."
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