The Science and Industry Endowment Fund

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Spanning a history of over 85 years, the Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) provides grants to science and scientists for the purposes of assisting Australian industry, furthering the interests of the Australian community and contributing to the achievement of Australian national objectives. In 2009 this unique and esteemed funding arrangement received a substantial gift from CSIRO facilitating the rejuvenated fund to be a mechanism for significant support of science in Australia.

Providing some of the largest grants available across the National Innovation System, the fund is currently supporting 12 research projects to the value of AU$70 million, as well as a commitment of some $11M over the next seven years for Promotion of Science in the form of scholarships, fellowships and a Chair in Wireless Communication at Macquarie University.

The CO2MOF network was awarded $6 million in funding for the project Solving the Energy Waste Roadblock in the second round of the SIEF Research Projects Program. Funding commenced in 2012 and will continue for five years.