About EStoReN

Each year the University of Sydney's Sydney Research Networks Scheme (SyReNS) encourages researchers to collaborate with members of other faculties within the University and submit their project proposals for funding consideration with the aim of promoting high-quality multidisciplinary research into significant and complex problems.

One such submission, titled Australian Centre for Energy Storage Research (ACESeR), was approved and granted funding in late 2011. The ACESeR submission was later renamed EStoReN.

The researchers involved in the ACESeR submission were:

  • Dr Lynne Chester (School of Social and Political Sciences)
  • Penelope Crossley (Sydney Law School)
  • Professor David Hill (School of Electrical and Information Engineering)
  • Professor Richard Hyde (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning)
  • Professor Rosemary Lyster (Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law)
  • Professor Thomas Maschmeyer (School Of Chemistry)
  • Associate Professor Anthony Masters (School Of Chemistry)
  • Professor Tony Vassallo (School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)
  • Dr Gregor Verbic (School of Electrical and Information Engineering).

The aim of EStoReN is for each of the faculties, schools and centres involved in the ACESeR submission to join forces to provide solutions to the challenges of developing, integrating and managing large-scale energy storage.