Antony Ward

Antony Ward

Research Associate
BSc (Hons) PhD

Dr Antony Ward received his BSc(Hons)(1993) and PhD(1998) from the University of Sydney. He has held post-doctoral positions at the University of Southampton (with Prof. William Levason and Dr. Gillian Reid) studying the organometallic chemistry of organotellurium ligands and at Dartmouth College (with Prof. Russell Hughes) studying the organometallic chemistry of organofluorine ligands.

Since 2004, he has held the position of Senior Research Fellow in the Laboratory of Advanced Catalysis for Sustainability. During this period, he has also managed the day-to-day running of the laboratory and in 2011 he obtained a Graduate Diploma in Management. His research interests include ionic liquids, materials chemistry, organometallic chemistry and catalysis. He is the author of over 25 papers in peer-reviewed journals, 4 book chapters and 1 patent.


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