Thomas Maschmeyer

Thomas Maschmeyer

ARC Future Fellow and Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Thomas Maschmeyer, is Professor of Chemistry and ARC Future Fellow at the University of Sydney and serves as Director of the Laboratory of Advanced Catalysis for Sustainability.

He is co-founder of the Australian low carbon/renewables start-ups Ignite Energy Resources (2006) and Licella (2007) and was one of the founding Professors of Avantium (2001), a Dutch High-tech company.

After completing his PhD in 1994, he worked at the Royal Institution of Great Britain as Australian Bicentennial Fellow and became the Assistant Director of the Davy Faraday Laboratories there in 1997, concurrently holding a research position at The University of Cambridge and a Fellowship at Peterhouse.

In 1998 he was appointed to Professor and Head of the Department of
Applied Organic and Catalytic Chemistry at the Delft Institute of Chemical Technology, becoming Vice-Chairman of that Institute in 2000.

He returned in late 2003 to the University of Sydney as ARC Federation Fellow, where he has set up a state-of the art catalysis and process engineering laboratory. He also advises both the Australian Federal and the NSW State governments and holds a number of national and international consultancies.


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