Dynamics of litterfall and fine fuels after fire in sclerophyll forests and woodlands.


Litterfall is a dynamic process and subject to major seasonal variation.  In eucalypt forests and woodlands, droughts may induce significant (e.g. +50%) increases in annual litterfall in any given year, contributing greatly to fire risks. Litter accumulation and thus its contribution to the fine fuel load, is dependent on the balance of litter inputs and losses via heterotrophic respiration (litter decomposition). Heterotrophic microorganisms are frequently limited by nutrients, especially in Australian soils. This project will be supervised by Dr Tina Bell with Dr Meaghan Jenkins and Professor Mark Adams from the University of Sydney  


Professor Mark Adams

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Sydney Institute of Agriculture - Australian Technology Park

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This project will use field sites in Low Elevation Mixed Species and High Elevation Mixed Species forests in Vic, NSW and the ACT. The seasonal dynamics of litterfall and heterotrophic respiration will be studied using controlled experimental approaches, with a view to developing new models of litter accumulation that better reflect environmental; conditions than current, outdated equilibrium’ models.

The roles of water and nutrient availability will be a primary focus, along with extensive studies of the relationship of litterfall to overstorey and understorey productivity.

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agroecosystems, systems management, fire management, charcoal, forest regrowth, forest management, global change biology

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