Water use characteristics (tree hydraulics) of resprouting eucalypts in Low and High Elevation Mixed Species Forests, north-east Victoria, southern NSW and the ACT


This project will quantify whole-tree water use in sub-catchments that were burnt in 2003, 2007 and 2009.  Resprouting eucalypts dominate many of the foothill forests and woodlands up to elevations of ~900m. However, in contrast to ash-type forests, we know little about the effects of fires on tree and stand level water use and yield. This project will be supervised by Dr Sebastian Pfautsch, Professor Mark Adams from the University of Sydney


Professor Mark Adams

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Sydney Institute of Agriculture - Australian Technology Park

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This project will focus on tree hydraulics and how these redevelop after fire and how they help regulate water use and yield. A series of study sites for field-work has been selected.  The research will involve extensive field-work using a range of physiological and meteorological approaches.

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agroecosystems, systems management, fire management, charcoal, forest regrowth, forest management, global change biology

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