Expanding the Classification of Health Interventions


Reliable and readily useable statistics and information on health interventions are essential for managing and financing health systems, and for research into health interventions and their outcomes.  An essential data standard for health intervention information is a quality classification of health interventions.The World Health Organisation Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) Network is developing an International Classification of Health Interventions (ICHI).  ICHI will have a broad scope, to cover the various types of interventions used in the health system, including medical / surgical, diagnostic, nursing, rehabilitation, primary care, traditional medicine, assistance and support and public health interventions.  Proposals to refine and populate ICHI are sought.


Professor Richard Madden

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Health Systems and Global Populations Research Group

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For a chosen class of interventions (excluding medical/surgical and diagnostic), the range of interventions to be included in ICHI should be specified.  Then the ICHI content model and the ICHI axes should be reviewed to determine any alterations that are appropriate in relation to the chosen class of interventions, and why.The second phase would be developing the content for ICHI for this class of interventions.The final phase would be applying the codes developed to a sample data set. 

Suggested Method:

1. Literature review
2. Review of ICHI Content Model and axes
3. Choose class of health interventions for study
4. Review existing classifications relevant to this class
5. Develop proposed alterations to ICHI Content Model and axes
6. Develop specific content for this class of interventions in ICHI
7. Test the ICHI content developed on an appropriate data set

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