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The World Health Organisation’s Family of International Classifications (WHO-FIC) is described at The revision of the ICD, now underway, is providing a strong impetus to use classifications together to describe health conditions more fully in terms of all their characteristics.  Some opportunities for use of other classifications as part of the ICD revision include:

use of the ICF to describe Functional Properties of ICD entities, and in the description of risk  factor
- use of the WHO Drugs classification (ATC) for titles of drugs
- linkage with ICPC for primary care applications of ICD.


Professor Richard Madden

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Health Systems and Global Populations Research Group

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Choose a feature(s) of the ICD revision process which is involving, or could involve, one or more other WHO-FIC classifications. Comment on the proposed use of the classification(s) in the ICD revision, and propose a sound method to optimise this involvement. Finally trial the method proposed and analyse the results.

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World Health Organisation, WHO, WHO-FIC, International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, ICD, International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health, ICF, Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification, ATC, International Classification of Primary Care, ICPC

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