The Use of Information Technologies and Health information in the maintenance and advancement of health


Health Information, health-related information technology, and their management and usage play an important role in the maintenance and advancement of the health status across all age groups. Research into these topics provides a strong foundation for evidence-based practices in e-Health. These recently developed areas of research are exciting, challenging, and rewarding.


Dr Mary Lam

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Health Systems and Global Populations Research Group

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Potential research projects could be developed in the following areas:

  • The use of information technologies in Healthcare
  • Health record linkage
  • The effects of electronic games on the promotion of healthy ageing
  • e-Health education program for the improvement of health literacy

Additional Information

These potential research projects are suitable for postgraduate students, including Honours, Masters and PhDs, from diverged backgrounds such as health information management, behavioural sciences, or any other health-related disciplines.

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health information, e-health, health systems, health information technology, health sciences, evidence based practices in e-health

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